Sunday, September 30, 2018

October 1 to 12

DUE: RADD content work
IN: go over RADD content work
HW: read page 50 and "humans and landforms" on page 52

October 2
IN: Introduce landform project. See ‘Landform’ link under Blog Pages on the right of this page for more information
HW: gather facts about your landform

October 3
IN: time to research
HW: start rough draft

October 4
FIELD TRIP – be at school BEFORE 7:30; Return to school between 5:30 and 5:45

October 5 – 12:00 early dismissal
IN: Field Trip Reflection

October 8
NO SCHOOL for students

Spirit Week – see handout sent home for further information
October 9 – Decades Tuesday
IN – finish landform research
HW: work on rough draft

October 10 – Cartoon Wednesday
IN: work on final copy
HW: work on final copy

October 11 – Cruise Ship All Aboard Thursday
IN: finish final copy; practice presentation
HW: finish final copy; practice presentation

October 12 – Spartan Day (free dress down day with Spartan Shirt)
DUE: final copy
IN: presentations

Looking ahead
Book fair week 10/15-10/19
Parent Night is on 10/15

Thursday, September 20, 2018

September 24 to October 1

Monday, September 24
IN: test make-ups; start RADD unit

Tuesday, September 25
IN: go over unit one test, continue with RADD work
HW: get test signed and finish RADD work as needed

Wednesday, September 26
DUE: signed test and RADD work
IN: RADD work focusing on 2 details
HW: finish RADD work as needed

Thursday, September 27
DUE: RADD work
IN: review previous RADD work

Friday, September 28
IN: RADD content work
HW: finish RADD content work as needed

Monday, October 1
DUE: RADD content work
IN: go over RADD content work

Looking ahead:
Field trip on Thursday 10/4
Early dismissal on Friday 10/5
No school for students on Monday 10/8

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sept 17 to 21

Monday, Sept 17
IN: read 1.1; go over 5 themes of geography handout
HW: study vocabulary
FYI: test on Friday, 9/21

Tuesday, Sept 18
IN: finish 5 themes of geography handout and PowerPoint as needed; show how map portion of test will be set up
HW: start review sheet – due on Thursday
FYI: test on Friday, 9/21

Wednesday, Sept 19
IN: Thinking like a geographer worksheet
HW: finish review sheet
FYI: test on Friday, 9/21

Thursday, Sept 20

Friday, Sept 21 – Paid Dress Down Day

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Sept 10 to 14

September 10 and 11
IN: 9/11 activities
HW: ask your parents about their memories of 9/11

September 12
IN: latitude, longitude and hemisphere activity
HW: continue to study continents, oceans, lines of latitude and longitude and hemispheres

September 13
IN: 1.1 vocab
HW: finish vocab as needed; start studying vocab - Quizlet

September 14 Picture Day
IN: Go over vocab, start reading section 1.1
HW: read pages 14-17; skim pages 22-33

FYI: unit one test is scheduled for September 21

1.1 vocab Quizlet