Friday, July 13, 2018

2018-19 supplies

book cover
1” or 1.5” 3-ring binder (buy the best quality you can, 180 days is a long time and inexpensive ones won’t last all year) OR a 2-pocket folder
wide ruled filler paper OR a spiral notebook.

Helpful, but not required:
colored pencils
tab dividers for binder

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Summer 2018

Have a great summer! Look at your world in person, not through a screen. Be sure to star gaze and find the constellations we read about in our myths.

In-coming 6th graders, visit the site in late July to find a class supply list.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May 22 to May 30

Wednesday 5/23 - graduation practice AM and PM
Thursday 5/24 - graduation practice AM: graduation at 1:00 (doors open at 12:30; see NS website on day of program for a link to the live stream)
Friday 5/25 - Knoebels - please stay hydrated with WATER and use sun screen
Monday 5/28 - Memorial Day; NO SCHOOL

1st-5th periods
Europe map test on May 30:
Europe Review 
Blank and Numbered Europe Map
Sheppard Software LEARN  ** test is based on Sheppard Software regions ***
Sheppard Software QUIZ

Other sources:
Lizard Point
World Geography Games

6th period
Continue to work of final copy of Greek myth scene - due end of class Tuesday, May 29

Saturday, May 5, 2018

May 7 to 21

End of year information
Knoebels information

SheppardSoftware QUIZ level
1st-5th periods:
Make sure you are studying for you map quiz - see links below.
You need to be working on your Greek Myth project for homework starting Tuesday, May 8. It is due on MONDAY, MAY 21.
7 panel
6 panel
5 panel

Students will finish reading Greek Myths on Monday then talk about the project on Tuesday. In-class time will be given on Wednesday and Thursday to work on the project. Friday we will be visiting the high school in the morning. Students will have additional time to work on their project on Monday, May 14. On May 15, students will have time to practice for their Nordic, Central and Eastern Europe map quiz on May 16. USEFUL LINKS: Nordic, Central and Eastern Europe map quiz; here is the answer key to the review sheet; you can also use Sheppard Software website OR Quizlet. There are 20 countries to learn.
On May 17, students not in chorus will be working on their project or preparing for their Europe mega-map quiz.
Friday May 18 is the Memorial Day program and visiting local cemeteries to place flags on graves.
Monday, May 21 - Greek Myth projects DUE; presentations start.

Europe Map Test - all 47 countries on May 30
Europe Review 
Blank Europe Map
Numbered Europe Map
Sheppard Software LEARN
Sheppard Software QUIZ

6th period:
Students will finish their mini-unit on Canada Tuesday or Wednesday then start the Greek Myth unit.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

April 30 to May 8

1st-5th periods
April 30
DUE: signed vocab quiz (if needed)
IN: Southeastern Europe Map quiz – see links posted on 4-26 to help you study
IN: finish open book test if needed
IN: Moments in Time worksheet
HW: finish Moments in Time worksheet – due Tuesday

May 1 – Symphonic Band practice
DUE: Moments in Time worksheet
IN: Greek Myth introduction/Newslea article
HW: get chapter 11 OPEN book test signed
FYI: start studying for Nordic, Central and Eastern Europe map quiz; here is the answer key to the review sheet; you can also use Sheppard Software website OR Quizlet. There are 20 countries to learn

May 2 – Concert Band practice
IN: Orion

May 3
IN: Daphne and Apollo

May 4
IN: Great Bear

May 7
IN: Ceres and Proserpina

May 8
IN: finish chart and introduce project

6th period
April 30
DUE: signed vocab quiz
IN: start Canada mini-unit
HW: be sure to copy homework from the board each day

May 1-May8
IN: Canada mini-unit
HW: be sure to copy homework from the board each day