Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sept 17 to 21

Monday, Sept 17
IN: read 1.1; go over 5 themes of geography handout
HW: study vocabulary
FYI: test on Friday, 9/21

Tuesday, Sept 18
IN: finish 5 themes of geography handout and PowerPoint as needed; show how map portion of test will be set up
HW: start review sheet – due on Thursday
FYI: test on Friday, 9/21

Wednesday, Sept 19
IN: Thinking like a geographer worksheet
HW: finish review sheet
FYI: test on Friday, 9/21

Thursday, Sept 20

Friday, Sept 21 – Paid Dress Down Day

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Sept 10 to 14

September 10 and 11
IN: 9/11 activities
HW: ask your parents about their memories of 9/11

September 12
IN: latitude, longitude and hemisphere activity
HW: continue to study continents, oceans, lines of latitude and longitude and hemispheres

September 13
IN: 1.1 vocab
HW: finish vocab as needed; start studying vocab - Quizlet

September 14 Picture Day
IN: Go over vocab, start reading section 1.1
HW: read pages 14-17; skim pages 22-33

FYI: unit one test is scheduled for September 21

1.1 vocab Quizlet

Sunday, September 2, 2018

September 3-7

Monday, September 3 – Labor Day, No School

Tuesday, September 4
DUE: signed expectations and procedures paper; class supplies
IN: hemispheres and continents; start latitude and longitude if time
HW: late work; practice continents and oceans

Wednesday, September 5
IN: latitude and longitude
HW: read handout containing poem and mnemonic about continents and oceans; practice continents and oceans

Thursday, September 6
IN: facts about latitude and longitude handout
HW: practice continents and oceans

Friday, September 7 District Pep Rally
IN: draw/locate major latitude lines, longitude lines and the 4 hemispheres
HW: ask your parents about their memories of 9/11

Looking ahead: September 10 and 11 – 9/11 activities
Looking ahead: September 14 – Picture Day

Monday, August 20, 2018

August 23-September 4

Welcome to 6th grade social studies

August 23 – 6th grade open house; meet in the gym at 5:00 then visit classrooms

August 27 – First Day of School

Week of August 27 – we will be working on class beginnings activities. From expectations and procedures to getting-to-know-you activities, it will be a busy week. We will be welcoming our student teacher, Mr. Yablonsky, on Tuesday, 8/28. He will be with us through mid-December. Homework this week will be to get the expectations and procedures sign off paper signed. Turn it in ASAP, but it is officially due on Tuesday, September 4. Also, if you have not gotten your supplies yet, please have those by 9/4 also. If you are able to, install the Quizlet app on your phone. See information on my UNIT ONE Important Files link on the right side of this page. We will be using Quizlet on Friday, 8/31 in class. I'll have ChromeBooks for students to use.

Oceans and Continents Quizlet 

Be sure to look at my ‘Blog pages’ links on the right side of the screen to see important handouts.

Please remember to turn in your “First Day Papers” to your homeroom teacher ASAP.

September 3 – Labor Day, no school

September 4 – all supplies and expectations and procedures sign off paper due